Data Science Postdoctoral Fellows Program at Harvard/DFCI

The Department of Data Science at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute welcomes recent Ph.D. graduates and doctoral candidates nearing graduation who have research interests in applied statistics, machine learning, or computational biology to apply for our postdoctoral fellows program.

This program offers the flexibility to join a research group in our department, be co-mentored by two or more faculty members, and/or work collaboratively as a data scientist with DFCI investigators outside our department. Our department has a diverse group of faculty members that can serve as mentors and DFCI has numerous world renowned basic biologists and clinical investigators looking for collaborators with your skills. The starting salary is $75,000.

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  • Bill Lotter, PhDPredictive/prognostic AI in oncology; Clinical translation of AI
  • Cheng-Zhong Zhang, PhDComputational tools for chromosomal abnormalities in cancer
  • Cliff Meyer, PhDComputational tools for epigenetics
  • Franziska Michor, PhDUnderstanding cancer evolution through the use of integrative data science, experimental, clinical, and population science approaches
  • Gad Getz, PhD – Computational tools for driver discovery, drug response and resistance, cancer evolution, new sequencing technologies, mutational signatures, single cell genomics, lineage tracing, cell surface targets and proteomics.
  • Giovanni Parmigiani, PhDBayesian modeling and machine learning, Early detection of cancer
  • Heng Li, PhDAlgorithms for sequence alignment, sequence assembly, and pangenome analysis
  • Lorenzo Trippa, PhDAdaptive clinical trial designs, methods for leveraging real-world data in clincial triasl, Bayesian methodology
  • Martin Aryee, PhD3D genome dysregulation in cancer
  • Mehmet Samur, PhDIntegrative methods for high throughput sequencing data from DNA and RNA based sequencing technologies to address challenges
  • Nabihah Tayob, PhDBiomarker study design, evaluation and screening for early detection of cancer
  • Rafael Irizarry, PhDStatistical methods and software for emerging genomics technologies and applications
  • Sahand Hormoz, PhDAI-driven models for directed evolution and in vitro differentiation
  • Simona Cristea, PhD – Large language models for single cell cancer genomics; Spatial evolution driving pancreatic cancer progression
  • Svitlana Tyekucheva, PhDDeveloping new, and tailoring existing statistical methods to efficiently process and analyze high-dimensional genomic data
  • Hajime Uno, PhD – Statistical methods for time-to-event outcomes in clinical research


Data Science Postdoctoral Fellows are guaranteed funding as well as year-long renewable fellowship appointments with Harvard. In addition to a competitive salary package, funds are available for conference travel and computing equipment.


Incoming postdocs will be part of the 2024 Data Science Fellows cohort. The department organizes informal training sessions and seminar series as well as social events for postdoctoral fellows. Check out our events page for more information.


Following the Informational Session, interviews will begin in November. Initial decisions will be made by March 2024, but applications are welcomed on a rolling basis.