The Department of Data Science at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute improves cancer care through innovation in the quantitative sciences. Every day, our expert biostatisticians, computational biologists and knowledge systems engineers fight cancer through data-driven research at Dana-Farber and beyond. We create some of the most widely-used methods and tools in cancer data science, and are deeply committed to a collaborative, inclusive academic research environment.

Clinical Trials

We develop novel statistical methodology to design and analyze clinical trials across all disease groups at Dana-Farber. Results from trials like TAILORx and SOFT & TEXT are now standard of care, benefiting thousands of patients.

Computational Tools

We create and maintain bioinformatics tools like Samtools, Burrows-Wheeler Aligner, Cistrome, and Bioconductor, paving the way for new genomics discoveries.

Knowledge Systems

We develop open-source software, including cBioPortal and MatchMiner to enable precision cancer medicine, improve clinical decision making, and enable data sharing.