Flexible and coherent test/estimation procedure

Horiguchi M, Cronin A, Takeuchi M, Uno H. A flexible and coherent test/estimation procedure based on restricted mean survival times for censored time-to-event data in randomized clinical trials. Statistics in Medicine 2018. doi:10.1002/sim.7661.

Validating prediction model

Uno H, Inoue E. On estimating predictive performance measure of risk prediction models with external validation data. JSM proceedings 2017.

Restricted Mean Survival Time

Uno H, Wittes J, Fu H, Solomon SD, Claggett B, Tian L, Cai T, Pfeffer MA, Evans SR, Wei LJ. Alternatives to Hazard Ratios for Comparing the Efficacy or Safety of Therapies in Noninferiority Studies. Annals of Internal Medicine 2015. 163(2), 127–12.

Uno H, Claggett B, Tian L, Inoue E, Gallo P, Miyata T, Schrag D, Takeuchi M, Uyama Y, Zhao L, Skali H, Solomon S, Jacobus S, Hughes M, Packer M, Wei LJ. Moving beyond the hazard ratio in quantifying the between-group difference in survival analysis. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2014, 32(22):2380-2385.

Versatile test

Uno H, Tian L, Claggett B, We LJ. A versatile test for equality of two survival functions based on weighted differences of Kaplan-Meier curves, Statistics in Medicine, 2015; 34(28):3680-95 

IDI/NRI with censored survival data

Uno H, Tian L, Cai T, Kohane IS, Wei LJ. A unified inference procedure for a class of measures to assess improvement in risk prediction systems with survival data. Statistics in Medicine. 2013; 32(14):2430-2442. doi: 10.1002/sim.5647.

R contributed package survIDINRI (example) IDI and NRI for comparing competing risk prediction models with censored survival data (Hajime Uno, Tianxi Cai)


C-index for censored survival data

Uno H, Cai T, Pencina MJ, D'Agostino RB, and Wei LJ. On the C-Statistics for Evaluating Overall Adequacy of Risk Prediction Procedures with Censored Survival Data. Statistics in Medicine. 2011;30:1105-117.

R contributed package survC1  (example) C-statistics for risk prediction models with censored survival data (Hajime Uno)

SAS version of survC1 contributed by Brian Starr

Time-dependent covariates

SAS program (by Yuuki Yoshida and Takenobu Tasaki)


  • Mantel and Byar. Evaluation of response-time data involving transient status: an illustration using heart-transplant data Kaplan Meier Curve. JASA 1974.
  • Simon and Makuch A non-parametric graphical representation of the relationship responder bias. Statistics in medicine 1984


Conditional probability curves

R code

Sample data


Integrated Difference of Two Survival Functions

Zhao L, Tian L, Uno H, Solomon S, Pfeffer M, Schindler J, Wei LJ. Utilizing the Integreted Difference of Two Survival Functions to Quantify the Treatment Contrast for Designing, Monitoring and Analyzing a Comparative Clinical Study. Clinical Trials. 2012;9(5):570-7

R code by Dr. Lihui Zhao

Subject-Specific Incremental Values of New Maker

Uno H, Cai T, Tian L, and Wei LJ. Graphical Procedures for Evaluating Overall and Subject-Specific Incremental Values from New Predictors with Censored Event Time Data. Biometrics. 2011;67:1389-96.

R code


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