We are looking for creative, energetic, and collaborative researchers to join our interdisciplinary team to understand the function of the genome, to map the cellular states in a body, and to elucidate the transcriptional control mechanisms underlying developmental processes and diseases. We currently have multiple openings at the Graduate Student, Postdoctoral Fellow, and Programmer/Bioinformatic Analyst levels in the following areas.

1. Single Cell Analysis. Develop novel methods for analyzing, visualizing, and integrating single-cell resolution imaging data containing spatially resolved transcriptomic, morphological, chromatin, and/or functional information. Integrate sequencing- and imaging-based data types. Develop and maintain robust, efficient, and user-friendly software packages. Collaborate with basic and clinical scientists to solve various biomedical questions using single-cell analyses.

2. Cancer Epigenetics. Develop novel methods/software for analyzing and visualizing high-dimensional, multi-scale epigenomic data. Engage in collaborations with cancer biologists and physicians to investigate mechanisms underlying cancer initiation, progression, and treatment response.

Please send a cover letter and your CV via email to Dr. Guo-Cheng Yuan. If you are applying for either Postdoctoral Fellow or Programmer/Bioinformatic Analyst position, please also include the contact information for two references.